Abbreviations Used in Names of Folders and Files:

maximum-probability = result of assigning each earthquake to the plate boundary step with highest probability

Monte-Carlo = result of assigning each earthquake to plate boundary steps with customized randomization

MC1, MC2,..., MC5 = denotes 5 different realizations of Monte-Carlo classification

CMT = Harvard Centroid Moment Tensor Catalog 1977.01.01-2002.09.30

merged =        Pacheco & Sykes [1992] catalog 1900.01.01-1975.12.31 +

                        Ekström & Nettles [1997] catalog 1976.01.01-1976.12.31 +

                        Harvard Centroid Moment Tensor catalog 1977.01.01-2002.09.30

PB2002 = plate boundary model of [Bird, 2003, G3] used to define plate boundary steps

CCB = Continental Convergent Boundary

CTF = Continental Transform Fault

CSR = Continental Spreading Rift

INT = INTraplate

OSR = Oceanic Spreading Ridge

OTF = Oceanic Transform Fault

OCB = Oceanic Convergent Boundary (other than SUBduction)

SUB = SUBduction zone

pure = excluding 13 orogen regions of the PB2002 plate model

all = including 13 orogen regions

.eqc = EarthQuake Catalog (our custom file format, documented below)

tGR = tapered Gutenberg-Richter log-cumulative-number vs. magnitude diagram

.gif = Graphics Interchange File (common WWW format for bitmap graphics)