Downloading Sibelius (.sib) Files

Problem: The latest generation of web servers from Microsoft (IIS 6) refuse to serve any file unless it has a "known extension" (i.e., .bin, .doc, .exe, .jpg, .pdf, etc.). Unfortunately, Sibelius (.sib) files are not yet in the "known" category.

Solution: I have modified each file name by adding a second extension of ".bin" (indicating a binary file) after the first extension of ".sib". This permits you to Save (download) the file, although you cannot Open it (view its contents) on-line. After you finish your download, manually rename your copy of the file by removing the second (.bin) filename extension. Then (assuming your computer has Sibelius 4, or Sibelius 5, or their free Scorch viewer ) you should be able to open the file just by double-clicking on it.

Good luck!
Peter Bird


Hubble ascending

Three sonnets of Longfellow

Enduring (all 4 songs)
Enduring: 3. Prayers for wind

Frost in the Fall

Väinämöisen lauluja (Songs of Väinämöinen)

We sing of the lands

Night song

Concord: 2. Meetinghouse

Four prairie songs of Sandburg

Northwest windsong

Toro nagashi (Lantern-floating)

Mars: 1. Waiting for rain
Mars: 2. Roving the wasteland
Mars: 3. Spring upon the ice
Mars: 4. A small golden plaque

Mountain stars

Mountain streams

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Simeon's hymn (Nunc dimittis)-a cappella version
Simeon's hymn (Nunc dimittis)-version with organ

Mary's hymn (Magnificat)-version with organ
Mary's hymn (Magnificat)-a cappella version

An anthem of Earth

A little flock from Iceland

Donne's Hymn

John Muir suite

To The House-a cappella version
To The House-version with organ

Pushkin's "Reverie"

Into the Twilight

Cædmon's Hymn

Gloria in excelsis Deo