Electronic Supplement to

Plate-tectonic analysis of shallow seismicity:

Apparent boundary width, beta, corner magnitude, coupled lithosphere thickness, and coupling in 7 tectonic settings


by Peter Bird and Yan Y. Kagan


This supplement presents all the global seismic subcatalogs of shallow earthquakes created and analyzed in this study.

Plots of log-cumulative-number vs. magnitude are also included for maximum-probability subcatalogs.

Note that no original earthquake locations or mechanism determinations were performed;

the new work consists of dividing shallow seismicity by plate boundary setting in systematic ways,

and analyzing the frequency/moment relations of the resulting subcatalogs.


Access to subcatalogs:

1) Browse an HTML tree structure; OR

2) download whole archive as 2003107-esupp.zip (494 files; organized in a relative directory structure; 7.13 MB)


Abbreviations used in names of folders and files


Format of .eqc (EarthQuake Catalog) files


Source code for our earthquake-classification program (and related utilities):

EQ_classification_II.f90 (main program)

Sphere.f90 (module with spherical-trigonometry & Cartesian vectors)

Quaternion.f90 (module for finite rotations, from Kagan [1991])

BetaCorner.f90 (program for computing and displaying parameters of tapered Gutenberg-Richter distributions)

Adobe_Illustrator.f90 (module needed for graphical output from BetaCorner)

AI7frame.ai (dummy graphics file with AI macros, needed for graphical output from BetaCorner)