9. An anthem of Earth

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Individual MIDI files for learning each part: Soprano   Alto1   Alto2   Tenor   Bass1   Bass2

Dedication: To Jared Diamond.

Text: original; included in the .pdf file, following the full score.

Musicians: SAATBB chorus with organ.

Length: 11 minutes.

Style: Romantic and episodic, with multicultural coda.

Program notes: There are approximately 256 national anthems on our planet, but very few anthems that express the accomplishments, hopes, and problems of people on Earth as a whole, in relation to our environment. It is time to change this. We need simple songs for schools and football fields, and more sophisticated songs for concert halls and churches. Here is my attempt. Of the many names we have for our planet, you will hear four: Dunia (Swahili), Dhara (Sanskrit), Gaea (Greek), and Terra (Latin).




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