27. Hubble ascending

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Dedication: To honor 25 years of research and discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope, and all the scientists, engineers, and astronauts whose skill and hard work made it possible.

Text: Peter Bird, 2015:

O eye of Man that flies
above the stratosphere,
above the busy air,
in silent sunlight fair
or shaded by the Earth;
now stately turning 'round,
on gyros ever sure,
as light at last arrives
across ten billion years;

O eye of Man that sees
the flowers of the sky,
expanding as they fly;
the pillars of creation
and the rookeries of stars;
the swirling galaxies;
and sister worlds of Earth;
and all the reel of Time unwound;
creation, and rebirth:

Grant us humility
to see ourselves,
and our very, very, very
small but precious

Musicians: SATB chorus, sometimes divisi, a cappella. An optional keyboard reduction PDF is provided in case support is wanted in rehearsal and/or performance.

Length: 4:30

[Hubble Space Telescope] [astronaut service]
[galaxy triplet] [Cat's Eye nebula] [star-forming region] [Pillars of Creation] [in Orion]

All images from NASA, ESA, or Hubble Heritage; visit:


Fresh Choral Music Online, by Peter Bird of Los Angeles