5. To The House

A cappella version: Score(PDF)     MIDI (15 KB)     MP3 (4 MB)     Sibelius4 (57 KB)     MusicXML (563 KB)

Version with organ: Score(PDF)     MIDI (22 KB)     MP3 (4 MB)     Sibelius4 (71 KB)     MusicXML (899 KB)

Dedication: To my grandfather Peter Forgue, an artist in wrought iron, who also hand-built a house by the sea.

Text: Poem “To The House” by Robinson Jeffers. Used by permission. Text and copyright notices may be found in each .pdf file, following score.

Musicians: SATB chorus, a cappella, or with organ. (Separate organ part follows score and text in .pdf file.)

Length: 4:30

Style: Vernal pandiatonic harmony. Episodic, with four themes for earth/air/fire/water; earth & water combine in finale.

Program notes: Robinson Jeffers and his wife Una moved in 1914 to Carmel, California, at the north end of the rugged Big Sur coast. Here he would build Tor House (and later, Hawk Tower) from granite on the site, and celebrate the work with this poem that invokes the four classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

First performance: March 2014, at the festival, "Canta en Primavera Malaga 2014", by D'B3 Voice Unhas of Makassar, Indonesia, under the direction of Muhammad Mahazir Thamrin.

[Jeffers stamp, 1973]

1973 U.S. Postal Service stamp honoring Robinson Jeffers

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[Hawk Tower]

Robinson Jeffers' Hawk Tower at Tor House, Carmel, CA

Celeste Davison, 2008

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Fresh Choral Music Online, by Peter Bird of Los Angeles