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NeoStep_01: Find or make a neotectonic map

NeoStep_02: Add Cartesian coordinates

NeoStep_03: Draw a map of numbered fault traces on tracing paper

NeoStep_04: Digitise

NeoStep_05: Convert _xy.dig files to (longitude, latitude) coordinates

NeoStep_06: Check your map-projection parameters

NeoStep_07: Edit text labels in the fault-traces file; add dips?

NeoStep_08: Re-plot the fault-traces map with NeoKineMap

NeoStep_09: Divide long fault traces into several fault-trains?

NeoStep_10: Compile heaves/throws and ages of features offset by each fault train

NeoStep_11: Run statistical-analysis program Slippery

NeoStep_12: Identify fault trains/sections with >50% aseismic creep

NeoStep_13: Assign interseismic locking depths to each fault

NeoStep_14: Consider minimum (and maximum?) limits on fault offset rates?

NeoStep_15: Convert geologic-offset-rate table to NeoKinema input (f*.nki) format

NeoStep_16: Obtain interseismic GPS velocities and put into .gps format

NeoStep_17: Obtain GPS-velocity covariance matrix and put into .gp2 format?

NeoStep_18: Plot GPS velocities and look for noise processes(?)

NeoStep_19: Run GPS_Covariance to augment GPS covariance?

NeoStep_20: Create a uniform finite element grid (.feg)

NeoStep_21: Tidy up the grid boundaries

NeoStep_22: Create fault-corridors in your grid?

NeoStep_23: Renumber the nodes to reduce bandwidth

NeoStep_24: Get an ordered list of boundary nodes

NeoStep_25: Choose a velocity reference frame

NeoStep_26: Choose boundary conditions

NeoStep_27: First run of NeoKinema!

NeoStep_28: Delete "unsafe" (or unwanted) GPS benchmarks from your dataset(s)

NeoStep_29: Compile data on azimuths of most-compressive horizontal principal-stress axes

NeoStep_30: Run NeoKinema (again) to interpolate stress-directions

NeoStep_31: Plot interpolated stress-directions with NeoKineMap

NeoStep_32: Choose starting values of weighting parameters L0, A0, mu_, xi_

NeoStep_33: Run NeoKinema many times with different weights

NeoStep_34: Tabulate the fault slip-rates in preferred & acceptable models

NeoStep_35: Plot all aspects of preferred NeoKinema model with NeoKineMap

NeoStep_36: Run GPS_Postprocessor?

NeoStep_37: Plot inferred GPS "noise" velocities?

NeoStep_38: Run Long_Term_Seismicity to get a SHIFT seismicity model?

NeoStep_39: Test your long-term SHIFT seismicity model retrospectively?

NeoStep_40: Publish!

Investigate details:

Digitised-polylines (.dig) file format

Gridded data (.grd) file format

Geodetic data (.gps) file format

Geodetic covariance matrix (.gp2) file format

EarthQuake Catalog (.eqc) file format